"The Purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off pour souls." 
- Pablo Picasso


Quixotic #3

The numerous postings of the project 'Quixotic' will hopefully not be revisited with the remanding assignments in this elective, quite tedious.

This is an image of the mosaic table which I made on my balcony at home. My idea was to recreate this sense of pattern with using the neutral hue range from Day 1. However once working through this idea, I quickly noticed that the style in the way I was creating and the actual image was the complete OPPOSITE to the meaning of the word!
The image was needing a drastic change & 'release' of the structure, so I took out a big flat brush, filled it w/ solvent & titanium white and began to blend away...in somewhat of a swoosh manner. This helped. The next logical step seemed to be the text. I decided on my silver paint and discovered that when using cursive, the initial letter turns into a 2 plus the mathematical symbol 'x' amongst the text.
Does no feel finished...unsure at this moment about the next step

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